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Health is a state of well being of body, soul, and socially to enable more people to live a socially and economically productive. Health maintenance and prevention is the effort handling of health problems that require assessment, treatment and / or care, including pregnancy and childbirth.

Health education is the process of helping someone, acting individually or collectively, to make informed decisions on matters that affect personal health and others. Even simpler definition proposed by Larry Green and his colleagues wrote that health education is a combination of learning experiences designed to facilitate voluntary adaptation of behavior conducive to health.

Recent data show that currently more than 80 percent of Indonesia was not able to get health insurance from the agency or company in the field of health care, such as Access, Taspen, and Social Security. Groups of people who are considered 'teranaktirikan' in terms of their health insurance is a small community groups and traders. In health care, this problem becomes more complicated, since the management of health services is not only related to some groups of people, but also the special nature of health care itself.

Obesity Causes Most Vulnerable Due Lifestyle

Understanding Obesity

The disease of obesity is now the most common disease experienced by humans. Improved well-being of life did not rule out the possibility of disease enters the human body, but instead cause other diseases arise. One such disease is obesity. Obesity is a condition where the body is the accumulation of excessive fat so overweight.

Indeed, humans need fat in the body that serve as energy, heat insulation and shock absorption, and other functions. But we need to know the normal ratio of total body weight is 25-30% the amount of fat in women, whereas in men is 18-23%. More than the number of these can be called obese. People who have weight more than 20% of the middle of the weight range can already considered obese and obese were classified into three groups as follows:

Mild obesity that those who are overweight 20-40%.
Obesity was that those with 41-100% overweight.
Severe obesity that those who are overweight by more than 100% and there is about 5% found in the fat people in the world.

However, we also need to notice that there is accumulation of fat that is still being reasonable. In women prone to accumulation of fat in the hips and buttocks so that his body into shape like a pear. In men tend to accumulation of fat in the abdomen so that her body shape like apples. But at certain times such as menopause, women may experience a body shape like apples and pear men. Well, they are at risk of obesity is to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Therefore, the picture of a pear body shape is actually better than the picture of the apple body shape.
Causes of Obesity

What exactly is the cause of obesity? Some say unhealthy lifestyle is the trigger. Yes, one of them is it. Here are some of the causes of obesity we need to know:

1. Family history.
Genetics is one of the causes of obesity. Genetic factors contribute 33% of the weight. But did you know that in fact not only the genes are passed on to offspring but also the lifestyle that has been accustomed to a family. So if parents tend to eat a lot of fat and the children were going to follow, not to mention because parents are also getting used like that.

2. Factors mind / psyche.
It can also affect a person's eating habits. For instance, could have been a reaction to emotional eating habits many acted on.

3. Environment.
Environment includes lifestyle patterns or acted by someone. Well, these environmental factors that activity and food intake can be one of the most dangerous trigger obesity. Genetic factors can not be changed but can be adapted to environmental factors.

Obesity should not be underestimated! This disease can lead to other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke, heart disease and many other diseases. Therefore, a person who already have signs of obesity should immediately improve the pattern of life that is not affected by the other.

Before the obese would be better to watch. You can control yourself in the consumption of fatty foods especially those excessively. By doing enough physical activity so we can avoid the disease of obesity. Sometimes it takes a healthy diet even if it is nearly or already obese.

Early childhood education

Early childhood education (ECD) is the level of education prior to primary education, which is a development effort aimed at children from birth to the age of six years through the provision of educational stimulation to assist the growth and development of mind and body so that children have the readiness to enter further education, which was held in formal, non-formal, and informal.

Early childhood education is a form of education that focuses on laying the foundation toward the growth and physical development (fine and gross motor coordination), intellect (the intellect, creativity, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitude and behavior and religious) language and communication, according to the uniqueness and developmental stages through which early childhood.

There are two purpose of the early childhood education that is:

The main purpose: to create a quality of Indonesian children, the children grow and develop in accordance with the level of development that has an optimal readiness in entering basic education and through life in adulthood. Comorbid purpose: to help prepare children achieve learning readiness (academic) at the school.

The range of early childhood according to Article 28 of the Education Law No.20/2003 paragraph 1 is 0-6 years. Meanwhile, according to the science of early childhood and family studies its implementation in some countries, early childhood implemented since the age of 0-8 years.

Scope of Early Childhood Education
Infant (0-1 years)
Toddler (2-3 years)
Preschool / Kindergarten children (3-6 years)
Early Primary School (SD First Class) (6-8 years)

How to prevent and treat Thyroid Diseases

What Causes Thyroid Disease?

Mumps, strauma, a large swelling and lumps that occur on the front of the neck and the throat may occur because the thyroid is experiencing abnormal growth. Usually thyroid disease is caused due to deficiency of iodine in the salt air food.

Iodine deficiency in pregnant women will cause the baby to die or be born with a mental disability and / or deaf, although the mother does not suffer from thyroid disease, in this case usually called The term krenitisme.

The content of iodine is essential for the development of our body's cells, including brain health. The function itself is iodine to form thyroid hormone that will be absorbed by intestines and circulated into an assortment of glands in our body. These glands are:
  1. Choroid
  2. The ciliary body
  3. Milk Glands
  4. Placenta
  5. Saliva glands
  6. Gastric Mucosal
  7. Intenstinum tenue
  8. Thyroid

Most of the iodine content will later be used on the thyroid gland. If the levels of iodine in the thyroid is reduced. You can bet someone will develop the disease mumps

Effect thyroid hormone deficiency also affects the development of
Brain weight will be less
The occurrence of abnormalities in the number of cells in the brain
Large cells in the cerebellum shrink
Dendrite formation in neurons disrupted
Relationships between synapses in the brain becomes blocked
Damaging ear tissue
Protein Synthesis brain, myelination, interconnection will be disrupted
The areas with potentially endemic goiter
Highlands and mountains
Areas with low economic levels.

Foods containing iodine content
Sea fish
Green vegetables
Symptoms of mumps
Swelling of the salivary glands
Mouth feel tight and painful, especially when chewing and swallowing food
Reduced appetite
Often feel nauseous even vomiting repeatedly
Body temperature becomes high
Serigkali feel the buzz in the ear
How to prevent and treat thyroid disease

All the people living in upland areas or areas with many thyroid disease, should use iodized salt. Thus, thyroid disease can be prevented and thyroid lump in the throat can be cured.

If unable to obtain iodized salt, you can also use iodine tincture is a solution of iodine in alcohol. How penggunnaanya enter one drop of the solution into a glass of water and drink it every day. Please be careful in using it, if too much solution of iodine, it can cause toxicity in your body.
Take just one drop a day. Then store the bottle in a place not easily accessible to the children. But you also have to keep attempting to use iodized salt, iodized salt because a lot safer for consumption.

Traditional medicine can also be an option for treating mumps. Although the results are not as good as using iodized salt. One traditional way is to eat crab or seafood mixed with a bit of seaweed and iodized salt, by the way, can help treat the sufferers of thyroid illness.


If the lump mumps old and hardened, immediately ask for help from a health worker or doctor. Health workers will perform the surgery or if surgery is needed.
If thyroid disease always looks shaky, nervous and his eyes stand out, then this situation may be a sign of a dangerous type of goiter. Ask your doctor for advice.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Education is an important asset for the advancement of the nation, therefore, every citizen should and must receive additional education, good early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education or higher. In the field of education a child from birth requires appropriate services in meeting the educational needs along with understanding of the characteristics of children according to the growth and development will greatly assist in customizing the learning process for children by age, needs and conditions of each, both intellectually, emotionally and social.

Before speaking further, what is early childhood education? Early childhood education (ECD) is the level of education prior to primary education, which is a development effort aimed bagianak from birth until the age of six years through the provision of educational stimulation to assist the growth and development of mind and body so that children have the readiness to enter school Further, organized in formal, non-formal, and informal.

Why is early childhood education so important?

Based on the research results about 50% of adult intelligence kapabilitaas have occurred when the child was 4, 8 0% there has been a rapid development of the brain tissue when the child is 8 years old and peaked when the child was 18 years old, and after it was done though improved nutrition will have no effect on cognitive development.

This means that the development that occurs within the first 4 years as great as the developments in the next 14-year period. So that this period is a critical period for children, which were obtained during the period development is very influential on the development of the next period to adulthood. While this golden age only comes once, so that means all will be lost if the missed chances.

According to Byrnes, early childhood education would give children prepare to face the days ahead, the closest is the face of the school. "Currently, some kindergartens have asked children who want to enroll students there are able to read and count. In the kindergarten had already started to be taught social skills and problem solving. Because of the abilities that was to be established at an early age, "said Byrnes.

Furthermore, according to Byrnes, that early childhood education is important, because in the age of the child is the best form of education. At this age children should form themselves to face the school readiness and future. The best investment you can give to children is to prepare their education at an early age.
There are two purposes why it needs to be held early childhood education, namely:

The main purpose: to create quality children, the children grow and develop in accordance with the level of development that has an optimal readiness in entering basic education and through life in adulthood.
Comorbid purpose: to help prepare children achieve learning readiness (academic) at the school.

In short, early childhood education is a form of education that focuses on laying the foundation toward the growth and physical development (fine and gross motor coordination), intellect (the intellect, creativity, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitude and behavior and religion) language and communication, according to the uniqueness and developmental stages through which early childhood.

What is the difference children who received early childhood education at a quality institution with children who did not receive early childhood education?

According to Byrnes (Winning the title of Woman of the Year on the Vitasoy Australia) in early childhood education institutions are good, children will learn to be an independent person, a strong social, confident, has a great curiosity, can take an idea, develop ideas, go to another school and ready to learn, quick to adapt, and a passion for learning.

Causes and How to Treat Thrush

Ulcer disease is one of the most common diseases that often suffered by humans. Thrush is also known as thrush or scientific language aphthous stomatitis. Ulcer disease is a condition in which there is injury to the mucous membranes of the mouth of a yellowish-white color with a slightly concave shape. Thrush is usually accompanied by pain, especially when eating spicy foods right on the injured area. Nearly 10% of the human population is definitely suffering from thrush and the fact is that women are more prone to canker sores disease than men.
Causes of Thrush

Some of the factors that lead to diseases such as canker sores are bite wounds, the consumption of foods that are too hot or hot drinks, allergies, lack of vitamin C, do not maintain oral hygiene, iron deficiency, the condition of the body that does not fit, and so forth. Not only because of lack of vitamin C, but aphthous stomatitis may also be caused by an allergy to Citrus or acidic foods, certain medications and physical trauma such as the use of dentures.

However, you need to know also that thrush going on too long that's going to the moon turned out to be a sign of oral cancer. In addition, the vitamin C deficiency disease is also characterized by a very easy bleeding gums and bleeding skin.

You often have the disease thrush? Actually you can avoid this with some sprue disease and the following tips:
  • Maintaining oral hygiene for mouth sores caused by an unclean so the nest of germs and bacteria. Ulcer disease also is a systemic disease, therefore, is how to maintain oral hygiene to minimize the disease.
  • If you can suffer from canker sores because of an allergy to a particular food that you should avoid foods and beverages to consume these allergens.
  • Increase consumption of vegetables and other fruits and foods containing folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 to prevent sprue disease.
  • In fact stress can trigger canker sores, and therefore should avoid excessive stress.
  • Avoid trauma to the oral cavity by brushing the right way is not hard in order not to arise trauma. In addition, if you can avoid the mouth is not bitten.

How to Treat Thrush

If you are experiencing canker sores. Moreover, sprue disease is almost certainly never happened. To treat it, you can try a natural remedy. One natural remedy is betel leaf. It is caused by betel leaves which contain antioxidants that can kill germs. Well, the way is as follows:

Boil it first betel leaf with a little salt, then you can gargle with the cooking water.
You can chew the betel leaf directly.

Betel leaves but without tobacco can be useful to overcome not only the sprue but even bleeding gums and bad breath problem. Besides this way, you also put honey foam to loosen dry skin caused by canker sores in the mouth.

Yes, ulcer disease is one disease that often occurs. However, the origin treated with natural remedies alone, the disease can be cured. Furthermore, by preventing then at least you will not be too frequent canker sores. Precautions mentioned was actually not too difficult and is often the part that we do every day.

Cataract Surgery and Healing

As we get older, many of decline experienced by the body. One of the distractions that will come upon all people with age is reduced vision due to cataracts. As a solution, cataract surgery should be done, if not cataracts can lead to blindness. How traits if you have a cataract? How is cataract surgery performed?

Causes of Cataracts

Cataracts occur due to the aging process. Common in elderly people from the age of 60 years. However, cataracts can also impinge on the individual's age. In fact, in some cases it can overwrite the baby. Some of the factors that can accelerate the occurrence of cataracts in the eyes is because it is often exposed to ultraviolet light, the use of medicines containing steroids in the long term, diabetes, inflammation or trauma to the eye.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Some vision problems as symptoms of cataract are:
The view is blurred and glare. Impaired vision is especially true during the day.
At the center of the eye (pupil) appear gray or white.
These symptoms longer will increasingly disturbing.

Cataract Surgery

To overcome the problem of cataract, surgery should be performed. Especially if these symptoms are very disturbing. If not interfere, usually wait until the cataract becomes mature. In cataract surgery, the lens with the lens removed and implanted IOL (Intraocular lens) are included in the lens capsule.

Before doing operasai cataract, several steps are performed:
Patients will be checked first how the heart, lungs and conducted laboratory tests to determine the condition of the body.
If you regularly take medications, you should tell your doctor if medications are safe to take before surgery. Blood-thinning drugs should not be taken a week before surgery.
For people with high blood pressure or diabetes, should be kept in blood pressure and sugar in normal conditions.
Measuring lens IOL (Intra Ocular Lens), the lenses will be planted after the surgery.

There are several ways of cataract surgery techniques, namely:
Using a scalpel
This method is rarely used because the resulting wound is large enough.
Using laser
The lens is removed by using laser. Injuries tend to be less than if you use a knife.

Phaco Machine

With this technique, the lens is not removed intact, but destroyed first. Emulsification or destruction done using the phaco machine. This ultrasound energy machine will produce 40000 vibrations / second to destroy the lens. After the lens is destroyed, then the lens is removed and installed intra ocular lens. If using a foldable lens, injuries caused very small, about 3 mm because the lens can be folded so as to enter into the eye do not need a large incision.

The lens implant is made of PMA. The lenses are different from the original lens implanted. IOL lens can not adjust the sight distance is much closer, in contrast to the original lens that are elastic. So that after surgery, patients still have to use reading glasses for close to the lens implant is solely devoted fatherly see long distances.

Patients who undergo cataract surgery is generally not necessary to stay in the hospital. Vision is usually will be improved soon after surgery. However, the treatment of the eye after surgery needs to be done during the healing period. Also, the need to consult again to determine the outcome of cataract surgery.

Exclusive Breastfeeding Rate Still Working

After 2-3 months of playing and enjoying the pleasure fondling and nursing a newborn baby, working mothers now have to go back to work. The leave has been completed. Anxiety not to breast feed may be attacked by you. Many women can still breastfeed even now must return to the office. You also can do it, you can give exclusive breastfeeding for your baby. With express and store breastmilk, the mother can still meet the needs of infants on breastmilk even have to get back to the office.

Expressing breast milk

When the mother was at work or not with the baby, the mother's milk dairy abbreviated ASIP can be enjoyed baby. There are 2 ways of milking milk. The first, with a straight flush or a second way using tools breast pump.

Before you begin to blush, to be done in order to milk is not contaminated and could be out a maximum are:
Washing hands to ensure clean hands.
Relax. Find the perfect place to express that woman feel safe and calm.
Compress the breast with warm water. To compress, milk will come out easier.
Perform light massage the breast to stimulate milk out.

Flushed with Hand

Proper technique is necessary if you want flushed by hand. Because if you do wrong, which issued only a little milk and a mother feels pain due to the emphasis on the breast.

Mechanical milking by hand is:
The index finger is placed at the top of the areola and the index finger and middle finger placed s1 cm - 2 cm below the areola. To make it easier and get the maximum Hasik, the right hand is used to express the right breast and left hand to the left breast.
In the No. 1 position, push the breasts to the chest. Do not do kerasa pressure at this stage.
Make a circular motion on the breast clockwise to empty the breast. Repeat this movement several times.
Advantages milk by hand milking

The advantages of milking by hand is more efficient because it does not need to buy a breast pump, to get more results, because the proper way, the mother can leave the milk in the breast with more leverage, and more hygienic, please ensure hand hygiene without sterilized pump equipment.
Shortage of milk by hand milking

The drawback is the need to know and do the milking technique properly so as not to cause injury and pain in the breast.

Flushed with Breast pump
Electric vs. Manual Pump Pump

There are 2 types of breast pumps are used, the electric breast pump and manual breast pump. Breast pump eclectic use batteries or electricity and will make sucking motions when dinyalankan milk. Meanwhile, manual breast pump must be moved by hand in order to work, for example by pressing a lever pump to generate movement suck.

The advantage of the electric pump is automatic removal tool moves so she can be more relaxed while kekuarangannya is require batteries or electricity and are usually a little off.

While the manual pump because it does not require energy from the battery or electricity, the pump can be used anywhere without the need to rely on the power supply. The drawback is more tiring because you have to drive the pump, and if the motion is not constant, the milk produced is not maximal.

Breast pump removable-off into sections making it easier to carry. To use it, you need to assemble the parts. To start the pump, funnel-shaped portion attached to the breast with aroela position in the middle. Then start moving the pump.
Choosing a Good Pump

To flush the pump, no special techniques are required. Things to consider when mother flushed by using a pump is how to select a pump that is not harmful, care and cleanliness of equipment.

Some things to consider when you are going to buy a breast pump is:
Breast pump is made of plastic components. Then, select a pump made of HDPE plastic and BPA free making it safe for babies to drink milk.
Easy to clean
Because it is often used, the pump must be able to be easily cleaned. Choose a pump that can be easily disassembled and shaped tidah complicated and easy to clean. Cleanliness is also important that the results of cow milk remain hygienic.
Suction power
Choose a pump with good suction power but it does not make breast pain. If you can, choose an adjustable pump or pump power hisapnya with gentle suction so that it feels like a massage.
Spare parts are easy to find
Pump consists of several parts. Sometimes, there is a defective part. To anticipate this, you should select a pump that sells spare parts (spare parts) pump unit and widely sold.

Saving ASIP

For mothers who work, save ASIP or Mother's Milk Dairy becomes important because this is what will eat the baby when the mother is not there. Instead, immediately after giving birth, mothers 'save' milk. In this early period, which produced a lot of milk while the baby's needs for milk is still small. Excess milk should not waste. Already milked milk stored in the refrigerator as savings.

The bigger, the baby's needs for milk is increasing. While the mother had reduced production. It's time to use the savings milk so that the baby remains satisfied. Savings are also useful as a backup when the mother has to work or not at home.
Breastmilk storage period
At room temperature can last for 2 hours
In the refrigerator (not frezer) lasted 2-4 days
Frezer frozen in 6 months
How to save the ASIP

In order ASIP remains in a state of fresh and nutritious, must be considered the correct way ASIP storage. ASIP storage correct way is:
Enter the milk has been milked into breast milk in a bottle or a disposable bag. Put it in frezer if it will be stored for a long time.
Milk stored in the refrigerator, do not put in the drawer refrigerator door because this section is not temperature stable.
Do not enter the milk into the container too full. Leave some of the blanks in the container, because the milk will expand when frozen.
Label the bottle or bag of milk that contains a description of the date and time of milking. Note this is useful to know which comes first milk milked.
Use a longer ASI prior to consumption.

Warms ASIP

ASIP stored in the refrigerator can not be directly given to drunk baby, should be warmed before the baby. How warm ASIP should not be heated directly by the stove or microwave.

How warm the ASIP is:
If the milk is stored in the frozen state frezer and, prior to the move is not frezer (chiller room) 24 hours before it will be given to the baby.
ASIP which was derived from the frezer warmed milk entering its container into a bowl of hot water. Let stand for about 15 minutes.
Before it is given to babies, try first whether the milk is hot enough, too hot or less hot. The trick, put milk into the back of his hand. If less heat, milk can dipanskan again or if it's too hot, let it sit at room temperature first.
If you want a practical way, now there is milk and food heating using electricity. Fill tool with a little water, then insert the holder into the ASIP with a heater. Then plug the power and set the temperature (the recommended temperature to scald milk is 70 degrees). The light on the heater will turn on, after the lights go out, ready to be given to the baby milk.

Although milk can be expressed and stored, called ASIP, but still give milk directly to the baby if can. It is that human milk can be produced. Breastfed baby's sucking will stimulate milk production. In addition, breastfeeding will directly strengthen the bond between mother and baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is the best food for your baby.

Character Formation Processes in Children

Character can not be established by means of easy and inexpensive. With experienced trials and suffering soul character strengthened, vision cleared, and success achieved ~ Helen Keller

One day a boy was watching a cocoon, eh found that it contained a butterfly struggling to break away from the chrysalis. It seems so difficult, then the boy is feeling sorry for the butterflies, and thinking of ways to help the butterfly to get out easily. Finally the boy had found the idea and immediately took the scissors and cut the cocoon to help the butterfly that can get out there dr. How happy and relieved the boy tersebut.Tetapi what happened? The butterflies are able to get out of there. But the butterfly can not fly, can only crawl. What is this?

Apparently for a butterfly that is struggling from the cocoon, which at the time he mustered all his strength, there is a liquid that flows within the body strong throughout her body that makes her wings can expand so that he can fly, but because there is no struggle hence can not inflate its wings so that it become a butterfly that can only crawl.

That is a brief portrait of the formation of character, would seem clearly to understand example of the butterfly. Often parents and teachers, will not forget this. It could be they do not want to be bothered, or compassion in children. Sometimes Good Intention or our good intentions are not necessarily a good thing. Just like when we teach our children. Sometimes we often help them out of pity or compassion, but was in fact making them self-reliant. Make undeveloped potential in him. Spay creativity, because we can not bear to see them having trouble, actually if they got through it just to be strong and character.

There is one anecdote that I often convey to my colleagues, or participants of the seminar. Where to eat instant noodles, tasty noodles fried with seafood? Generally, those who like to know if the noodles fried seafood noodles so much better than the fried instant noodles that can only be cooked no less than 3 minutes. What distinguishes tasty noodle dishes or absence of these? The process!

Similarly to the formation of the character of a child, it takes time and commitment from parents and schools or teachers (if prioritize this) to educate children to be individual in character. It takes effort, time and love of the environment which is where he grew, herein should not be mistaken for love pampering. If we obey this process, the impact is not all of our children, we also have a positive impact to the least impatient character, tolerance, able to understand the issue from the perspective of different disciplines and have integrity (words and actions alike) reflected on ourselves as parents or teachers. Remarkably, this process is doing a good job for parents, teachers and children if we are committed to the process of the formation of character.

At the beginning of the formation of the character of many parents and teachers ask about how to discipline children. There are 6 disciplined process that we share through free ebook 6 Ways to Discipline Children, for those of you who do not already have this ebook please free download here.

Now, is disciplined enough? How is the process of forming another character? On August 6, 2012, we will publish a book 7 Days Shaping Character Kids. In this book will reveal the things that are very rarely known by parents and teachers on how to educate children to grow up happy and character. Besides, not only the children, but this book also provides guidance for parents and teachers to consciously shape their character independently.

Return to the formation of character, remember everything needed process. Want to be ugly also need a process. Delinquents were also children who know discipline. Do not believe? He was disciplined for being naughty. He did not want to shower on time, getting up early is always late, always consistent to not do the work and shall not be used in full uniform.

There is one key to inculcate the habit, there is a law and the law called the law of 21 days, in the formation of character is closely related to creating positive new habits. And habits of mind will be firmly entrenched in humans after repeated daily for 21 days. For example, you get used to kids after getting out of bed to clean the bed, you might be always alert and watching with affection (mandatory, with affection) for 21 days. But after the expiration of 21 days then the habit will be formed automatically. Well, now what positive habits you want to impart to the children, spouse and yourself? You already know how to do and just do it. Success in character constantly updated.

The Importance of Understanding the Emotional Needs Children

In the previous section we have learned that children and adolescents are more controlled by their emotions rather than rational and logical thinking. Emotions may explain why children and adolescents behave that way, including the self-destructive behavior. So if we want to motivate them, we should first understand the emotions that control them and use them to guide the behavior and thinking more deceptive.

Here is the third child's emotional needs:

1. The need to feel SAFE
One of the strongest needs required soerang child is feeling safe. Safe in themselves and their environment. Teenagers seek security by joining with a group of "gang" or group of their peers, engage social order among them, and imitate his behavior.

A psychologist Dr. Gary Chapman, in his "five languages ​​of love" to say we all have a psychological love tank to be filled, more precisely if the child then the parents should fill. Children love tank is full then he would like to himself, quiet and felt safe. This can be interpreted as a happy child and had "inner" motivation.

Do we need to learn and know the love tank? It is necessary, I often recommend the teachers and parents to learn the language of love and find their son, herself and her partner. This I will discuss in the next article).

For example, motivated by the love of a mother scolding her son who was playing computer. "Stop maen computer and learn now" then what is there to mind the child? Maybe "Hmpf ... She did not love me, and want to control me and preoccupation" Well, son take it as a negative thing, communication is usually destroys the love at the root of the problems parents and children and teachers.

"Loved the child is not the same as the child feel loved"

What causes the need for security is not met?
• Comparing children with relatives or others
When we say "why can not you keep the room as your sister", "why can not you write neatly Rudi". Will grow up feeling rejected, not accepted, they will think "daddy / mommy is happier with ..." it fosters an attitude of love with himself and wanted to be someone else. They feel safe to be someone else, not to feel safe and comfortable being herself.

• Criticize and fault finding
When we say: "you little fool, what's wrong with you? Why can not you do anything right? "
Certainly, will lead to feelings of resentment, no sense of safety within the home (if this happens often at home).

• Physical violence and verbal
I think no need to explain anymore, it's been a lot of us have encountered in newspapers and on television news, and the dangers or consequences too often we encounter in the media. If there is no security in the home, then the child will seek shelter to meet their security in all the wrong places. And the kids will do anything to get this security, seeking attention in the wrong way.

2. The need for recognition (feeling important) and accepted or loved

Rarely do parents make their children feel important and recognized at home. Instead many parents who make their children feel small and insignificant with the threat: "better do your homework now, or ..."

What is in the mind of the child if treated like that? We parents would be happy if kids do the things we command, but there are those young minds are lost by doing what they're told parents that way. So many children who delayed or did not do what was assigned parents (even though the threat) to meet the emotional needs for recognition.

A stern warning to parents: If your child does not feel loved and accepted by their parents, they will be compelled to look in all the wrong places.

The desire of a child to be recognized and to be loved is so strong, that they will do anything to get it. If they do not get the recognition it the right way it will find the wrong way and the wrong place. This need has prompted some children and teens to use a tattoo, another child, joined the gang of bullies, with flashy colors dyed hair, acting like a clown and comedian. It is generally troublesome themselves, but for the sake of gaining recognition and acceptable (to get attention).

There are extreme cases on 16 April 2007, a student of the U.S. Virginia Tech, Cho Seng-hui. Shot and killed 32 students. What drives this behavior, so he did something so incredible crazy? He did just as it needs recognition and a sense of importance so great, but not fulfilled by those who ignored and insulted. It forced him out of the world of logic and claimed the lives of others as well as himself, in his mind he thinks it's better to die with the name of the living is not bad as anyone.

3. The need to control (feeling or desire for self-control)

As the growth of children, while search for identity and independence while learning to build from the parent. This process creates an emotional need to be free and independent.

So that's why kids do not want to be dictated to what to do. They are not "slang" to listen to parents. By listening to the advice of their parents as being treated like a child. This explains why the children listen to their friends and uncle or aunt (uncle or aunt) who was younger than his own parents.

Parents are smart, will not give up for this. How do I provide direction and that the child's parents want to hear? Use of communication that does not mean forcing a child to advice us. Make it as if they study and work hard for themselves and not for us. they will be more excited and motivated that way. And most importantly, our kids love the tank meets every day and make sure children are always full when I wake up wake up and before bed. That way the child knows who understand and love, and to whom he will come on when needed someone to listen, that we are his parents.

Take advantage of this information, recognize the emotional needs of our children. Be sensitive to where when children need acceptance, the need to control things, and need to be safe. Use words that are appropriate to meet those needs, the following tips and how to meet a child's basic emotional needs:

1. Sense of security:
• Quiet safe with you dear papa, mama will accompany you, hey ... papa here will keep you dear

2. Sense of acceptance or a loved one:
• Make a habit of looking into the eyes when talking to the child, make eye contact is flat or "eye love"
• Tap the shoulder while talking or any part origin polite, to show that we are together and close to the child
• Keep abreast (stand in line with the child or kneel)
• Say: whatever happens papa / mama still love you, you're still champ papa / mama, papa eyes / mama you're the most beautiful

3. The need to control:
• If possible, when you see your child needs to do something yourself then please allow
• Actually it is a learning process for himself and his future will be very useful today
• Price of the child will be higher, if we are diligent to give control to the child, because the child was able to operate without the help (of course, a safe activity at the discretion of the parent)
• Take special time to move and control, and watched with affection, ie children aged 2-3 years'm eating alone, going to school alone, and others

Character Strength for the Future Children

I saw one of his students in the neighborhood where I live is very studious. So much so, he could not take the time to play with his peers. Demands that so many schools have made it to linger in the room to transfer the information in the book into the brain or memory. I am very sorry for the students. Why? On the one hand, the student is honed cognitive ability. But on the other hand, he had a lameness or paralysis of the emotional (affective). Life is like riding a bike, it was important to maintain balance. If the balance is not maintained then it will fall.

Seeing these students, I suggest to parents to help set the time, so he is not stuck in the room, while his friends were busy playing. What he did not realize, that the play was also part of the learning process.

As we know, human beings actually have creativity, feeling and intention. Therefore, when only creativity (IQ) are sharpened, then there is an imbalance. Then what happens? Obviously, the effect of the pattern of education which only focuses on creativity (cognitive / IQ) alone and ignore the feeling (affective / EQ) and intention (action) will be felt and seen when the child grows up. The child will be paralyzed social. Why do I say socially crippled? Social Paralyzed occurs when the child is not able to establish relationships in their social environment. In fact, in every association in the community, both socially at work, social organizations, socially at school and others definitely need to build relationships and collaborate with others. Could ultimately hinder the development of her potential.

Is it not our basic needs as human beings to work together. By working together, we actually open up many opportunities to learn many things. That way we can increase the opportunity to explore ourselves. Here lies the importance of relationships and social interactions.

First, parents are directing their children to hone his IQ. Therefore, a high IQ is defined as the higher the level of intelligence (and the recipe said to be successful if a high IQ). However, a new consciousness that eventually emerged was other intelligence that can not be ignored, namely emotional intelligence.

The balance between cognitive intelligence (knowledge), feelings (affective) and action (action) will build on the strength of good character himself. The characters themselves are very important role. Therefore, the character itself is a way of thinking and behavior that is typical of individuals to live and work with its surroundings.

Sometimes, the character of a person feels out of balance. There are people who have brilliant ideas but are unable to cooperate with teamworknya. It shows the person has a good IQ intelligence emotional intelligence was bad. There are also people who have the brains, he's also good, but lazy to work. It indicates the action is weaker than his IQ and EQ.

The characters themselves will be more powerful if all three aspects are met. The characters themselves are good this will determine the decision process, behavior and way of thinking. That will ultimately determine our success. See, a Nelson Mandela won sympathy with the idea of ​​peace. Mother Teresa shook the world with his love and concern for each other. Bung Karno with ideas, tenacity and intelligence still feels for us Indonesian people who have gone through years of the millennium.

All of it is a manifestation of the strength of character they have. This confirms that a person's character determines individual success. And according to the study, just 80 percent of a person's success is determined by their emotional intelligence, while intelligence intelegensianya got a 20 percent share.

Building a Character Strength

In every individual has the character of each. The neighborhood has an important role in the formation of character. Our character, has an important role in the life process. Therefore, the character of controlling our thoughts and behavior, which of course determines the success, the way we live, grabbed obsession and problem solving.

Actually, each one of us has a distinctive character. And that character quirk is the strength of our character. Therefore, the distinctiveness or uniqueness is what separates us from other individuals. The entertainers will spread the spirit, the regulator will manage the organization. Those who are wise and do not like conflict can be a peacemaker. It all is strength of character. And, each character will be needed in any society, whether social work, or community organization.

Remember! Strength of character to be built from scratch. Build strength of character can be done through either character education in the school formal, non-formal or as families and communities. Character education is given through the planting of character values. It can be knowledge, awareness or willingness and action to implement those values. Output character education will be seen in the creation of good relations to Almighty God, ourselves, others, the environment, the public and others.

Character education is not only theoretically given at school, but also need to be applied in everyday life. So it will become a habit. Habits are proof that the education provided has been pervasive in a person. When eating to be polite, when going to bed to read a prayer, when out of the house to say goodbye, perseverance and spirit obsession and realize aspirations, to be honest, be kind to animals and plants, do not litter and other places.

Build strength character done by involving all elements. Therefore, each element will have an effect in the formation of individual character. A child will imitate and identify what is around him. Positive role models will form a positive character role models and instead will form keprbadian negative and negative characters. Therefore, every element of the environment should be built in a positive way, so that the child's character is formed in a positive way as well.

Then how to build strength of character is that? Strength of character will be formed by itself if there is support and encouragement from the surrounding environment. Imagine a stick, will not have the power to dispel waste. However, if it is supported by hundreds of stick, others will form a force to clean up the yard. So is the character will be stronger when supported by the environment. The role of the family, the school, the community is very dominant in supporting and building strength of character.

Strong character will ultimately contribute optimally in every social interaction. Thus, individuals with strong character-it would contribute both morally or spiritually-that are constructive for the surroundings.

Importance of Environmental Building Character

Lots of emails that came in and asked what the key to success Character Education. Well, this time we will discuss the key, we will discuss the importance of an environment that is characteristic for the success of Character Education. You agree that in order to achieve quality education and maximum characters, starting with building an environment characterized?

Well, before we review, I've heard an old adage says: if we're friends with the seller of perfumes, then we will come scented. While friends with the fishmonger, then we will go amis. Let us reflect for a moment. Actually, the phrase is a great fit describe the role of the environment in our lives. Environment largely determines the formation of the character of a person. Positive environment can shape us into positive personal character, otherwise the negative and unhealthy can form a negative personal anyway. The neighborhood has a very important role in building individual characters in it.

A little boy who used to say dirty, of course he copied from the surroundings. You do not have far to look for the cause of the child is fond of saying dirty. Of course it is a result of mimicking environment. To fix this, you better tackle the problem from the source. To cope with the disease, jangannya you wait for one of your family members sick and then treat it. Are not you better begin to manage a healthy lifestyle, so that the disease will not invade and infect you. This is what I mean by addressing the problem at the source.

Then, if the source of the problem our children say dirty? I am sure, you definitely will govern your kids to stop saying dirty, and if your child back to repeat and non-compliance with the order, you will hit it. However, your child actually intensified because he was not given the right to govern themselves. You will not be easy to ask the boy who used to say dirty to stop saying, while others also do the same. To that end, the point of the solution is to create a healthy environment for children and individuals who live in it.

Environment characterized is important for development of the individual. Environment that is characterized by the creation of an environment that supports the realization of values ​​in the lives of the characters, a case of the characters love of God and all His creation, independence and responsibility, honesty / trust, diplomatic, respectful and polite, generous, like mutual assistance, mutual aid / cooperation and others. Character is not only at the stage of recognition and understanding of the course, but it becomes a habit in their daily lives.

Perhaps in your mind imagine how difficult it is to form the character. All of that should start from self be next in the family. Self must be addressed first before fixing others. Get used to build a positive mindset, make good habits, build self unyielding character and so on. In everyday life in our family to get used to apply those values. For example, used to be honest and open to children, giving children the opportunity to decide the material found in home decor, invite children to negotiate about the tutoring school, and invite children to share that role in completing household chores. It's part of the process of building a child's character. Salinglah mutual help among family members. Familiarize children explore themselves. Giving children the opportunity to make decisions for themselves. It is a democratic process in the family.

Kebiaasaan such positive practices will eventually be passed by the child in the larger social environment, ie in schools and communities. The family is the first institution where children build character. We as parents should apply the upbringing and education of healthy and well in the family. That way, our kids have embedded personal personality will be spreading the positive character of the environment. At school, character education should also be realized in each of the learning process, such as teaching methods, curriculum, assessment, and others.

Do you ever give your children the opportunity to take the time to play? Or encourage your child to pursue their talents and interests they have. Actually the chance to hang out with peers is the character development of children. By mingling, children will learn to understand themselves and others. Thus he will learn how to build relationships with people and the environment.

In the school environment the students actually have a container for personal development and character building themselves through extracurricular activities. Extracurricular education is a means to build a sense of responsibility, social skills and interaction, tolerance, cooperation and others.

However, in line with the demands of school with a variety of subjects and training for the National Examination has taken the time to develop them. Do you include only parents who encourage their children to continue to learn and to ignore its interests and hobbies? If so, hurry-hurry to change your perspective and give opportunities for children to share their time learning and playing.

The fact that a person's success is not only determined by the performance of the school should be aware of. It is true that the ability to establish relationships and emotional intelligence largely determines the process of self-improvement and success.

If so, let us create the character. Thus, the children of our future generations will be the character that does not give up when faced tantangn in his life. And they will always optimistic of success with stock values ​​that have been embedded in an environment characterized it.

Getting Started In Character Education

Commitment is the first step if you want to have a good character, but what kind of commitment it takes to succeed in character education? That is the discipline of education character itself. This time we will discuss from the point of view of the school.

One time I had a chance to present about character education and its impact on teachers and school employees. My colleague accidentally setting in order to be coherent with the school environment education issues that will be echoed by the character of the school. When I explained about the school rules and classroom rules, the face looks less comfortable, and the response was less than enthusiastic, as well as face a heavy burden to address the implementation of character education.

And in the middle of my show to explain that the school does not need to rush into a major reshuffle in the rules of the school. I really understand the burden of teachers in teaching and administrative activities, perform an important step by step in the implementation of existing commitments and keep discipline as a driving force of character education itself, that's the key. Discipline, discipline and discipline.

Overview I described the discipline of people living in Indonesia with two seasons, different countries with four seasons of life. Toughness, fighting spirit and initiative are also different. We in Indonesia is a challenge in its natural territory quite a bit compared to those living in the four seasons. Since one of the factors that we need to learn more discipline for a better life. Discipline is very close to success, even discipline in one package with no success. Whatever success is to be achieved in the discipline is the basis. Even the size of the discipline has been formulated in detail by Malcolm Gladwell in his book outlier, that it took 10,000 hours to become a master of discipline in any field. Singers, athletes, business professionals who have successfully passed the 10,000 hours. And you know anyone who has become a master in the art is not it? Call it, Ruth sahayana, Taufik hidayat, Agnes Monica, Purwacaraka, Juna, Rifat Sungkar, Chairul, Hermawan Kertajaya and still a lot of characters that can be called masters in their respective fields.

Character education likely will never actually touched when there is only limited understanding of the character or nature of information only without any action. Today in print, electronic and internet media much preaching about buying and selling a key test cases, cheating cheating, plagiarism, and even cases of crimes committed by the student, it all shows that the realizable value of the real character of the nation did not materialize. This phenomenon occurs due to the low quality of education in Indonesia.

Factors affecting among other things:
  1. Lack of infrastructure
  2. The low quality of teachers
  3. Lack of education equity opportunities
  4. The low relevance of education to the needs of
  5. Vision and morality educators and students of low
  6. The high cost of education It is a serious problem in this country

Higher education budget is no guarantee of good infrastructure and the cost of education affordable, the cause is clear morality that emphasizes community groups, private kepetingan and got the exact circumstances.

The six barriers can only be lost if the noble values ​​and character education actually realized. To get maximum results related to the above problems would need a breakthrough in the world of education to create a character and a young high berprestas. To achieve this it is necessary innovation and the development of value discipline and commitment from each school in order to study the character can move on. The impact of character education can build an individual to identify himself and was able to set a goal of education.

Figures successor Aligarh movement

Ahmad Khan devoted himself to the renewal through MAOC for about two decades. Further ideas are developed and distributed by students and supporters. Thus the Aligarh movement is still growing, even though he was dead. Aligarh Movement was led in turns by the leaders who fight for the Muslims of India. Among these are:

1. Sayyid Mahdi Ali (Nawab Muhsin al-Mulk) (1837-1907).

After Sayyid Ahmad Khan's death, then Aligarh leadership moved into the hands of Sayyid Mahdi Ali, known by the name of Nawab Muhsin al-Mulk (1837-1907). At first he was an employee Tifluk States of India, then a magnifying Hyderabad. He's never been to the UK for the purposes of the Government of Hyderabad. In 1863 he became acquainted with Sayyid Ahmad Khan and then tied a rope between a close friendship. He was much rnenulis article Tahzib Al Akhlaq and also in magazines published MAOC He moved to Aligarh and settled there starting in 1893. In 1897 he menggantikankan Sayyid Ahmad Khan's position in MAOC He has a great service in spreading the ideas of Sayyid Ahmad Khan is doing through Muhammedan Educational Conference.

Services in advancing MAOC seen as more number of students the institution, college finances improved, the administration is also well organized and the development of physical infrastructure development did not escape his attention. In the matter of religious Nawab Muhsin al-Mulk with opposing dogmatic ideas on ulama 'hold classic and new ijtihad. But in the face of scholars' classic he softer than Sayyid Ahmad Khan.

Muhsin al-Mulk succeeded in making India clerical faction change a hard stance against the Aligarh Movement. As we know that the scholars of Deoband that produce a lot of traditional Indian scholars, having an uncooperative attitude of the British, was Sayyid Ahmad Khan is famous for its pro-British stance. So between MAOC there are differences not only in religious matters but also on political attitudes. Muhsin al-Mulk not only brought the clerics near Aligarh, furthermore he was able to pull some political opponents of the founders of the university. He was the most peace-loving, but he also faced the Hindu-Urdu controversy that has existed since the late Sayyid Ahmad life.

2. Viqar al-Mulk (1841 1917)

Another influential figure was Viqar al-Mulk (1841 1917). Young since he has been a helper and followers of Sayyid Ahmad Khan. In 1907 he replaced Nawab Muhsin al-Mulk in leadership MAOC This time that the major changes in the university administration Aligarh, even the political wisdom of Muslims of India. Viqar al-Mulk named Mushtaq Hussain who was born 1841, in Moradabad District, United Pravinces. He is co-Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Muhsin al-Mulk. Together with Muhsin al-Mulk he always worked together in Aligarh administrative issues. During this Viqar Viqar conflict between al-Mulk with Mr. Archbold who became director of MAOC at that time. In this conflict Governor contiguous area Archbold Viqar al-Mulk was supported by the Agha Khan and Amir Ali and later by the Islamic society outside. Archbold eventually forced to resign. British rule in MAOC of since it began to decrease.

Viqar al-Mulk as a scholar and handle tough stance toward religion, religious life MAOC strengthening. Implementation of worship, especially prayer and fasting tightened supervision. Pass the exam, a requirement for religion to go up a level. The things mentioned above make MAOC become more popular among Indian scholars.

3. Altaf Hussain Hali (1837-1914).

Another famous Indian figures as a disseminator of ideas renewal Sayyid Ahmad Khan was Altaf Husain Hali (1837 1914). He has worked as a translator at the British Government offices in Lahore, but later moved to Delhi. This is where he became acquainted with Sayyid Ahmad Khan and the two became good friends. Hali-known as a poet, but he also wrote essays essay for Tahzib al-Akhlaq. At the request of Sayyid Ahmad Khan, he wrote a poem about the Islamic civilization in the Classical Era. Come out in 1879 what is known as the Musaddas.

Poetry, among others, also contains ideas Aligarh. Musaddas great influence on the Islamic ummah India, so it is said that in addition to MAOC and Muhammedan Educational Conference, Musaddas who has great merit in the popularizing Gerakah Aligarh. Against the education of women he sees the same parallels with men. Therefore, he is more progressive than Sayyid Ahmad Khan who considers that the time women do not need an education as men.

4. Muhammad Shibli Nu'mani

Muhammad Shibli Nu'mani (1857 1914) was appointed in 1883 as Assistant Professor of Arabic at Aligarh. He has a traditional Madrasah education and never went to Mecca and Medina to deepen his knowledge of Islam. When in MAOC, he met with new ideas put forward by the Aligarh Movement and was attracted to her. Madrasa education background, made him not have a liberal attitude Sayyid Ahmad Khan. But he does not oppose the use of reason in matters of religion; studying western philosophy is not haram. Scholars of classical antiquity studied and mastered many philosophies. Modern thought in the form of moderate acceptability.

Shibli Nu'mani no longer in the service at Aligarh and in the end he left it, and then went to Lucknow to lead college Nadwat al-Ulama (which he founded in 1894). Modern thought espoused moderate brings changes to these colleges.

Realizing the Character Education Qualified

At the level of theory, character education is very promising for answering the question of education in Indonesia. However, the level of practice, there is often bias in its application. But as an effort, character education must be a program that is measurable accomplishments. Talk about measurement means there should be measuring tool, measuring instrument if mathematics education is clear, if you value above exam strandard graduation meant he could. Well, what about character education?

If given about the character of the education problem is not actually measure the real situation. For example, if you meet people who are lost in the middle of the road and do not have the money to continue perjalananya what you do? To test scores good results then the answer is to help people, either giving money or take her to the destination. My question is, if this is really happening is going to happen as theory? As exam answers? So what gauge of character education? Of observation, along with the desired behavioral indicators. For example, observing a student in class for a particular subject, of course, the student does not know when he's in the observation. Well, we can define an indicator if he has good behavior when the teacher explained, suppose listen carefully, no fuss and a complete record. Easy is not it? And this should be compared with a number of situations, not just in the classroom alone. There are many ways to measure this, use your creativity and humility to learn more leverage so that this measurement is perfect.

Form the character of students is not an easy and quick effort. It requires continuous efforts and deep reflection to create a series of Moral Choice (moral judgment) to be followed up with concrete action, making it practical and reflective. Needed some time to make those custom (habit) and form the character or nature of a person. According to Helen Keller (deaf-blind man first graduating cum laude from Radcliffe College in 1904) "Character can not be develop in ease and quite. Only through experience of trial and Suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success Achieved ".

Besides launching character education course is intended to be one of the answers to the various problems facing the nation that is currently widely seen, heard and felt, where many problems arise in identifying the source of the failure of education in injecting moral values ​​to students. This is certainly very appropriate, because the purpose of education is not only the birth of intelligent beings, but also creates a strong character man. As said Dr. Martin Luther King, that "intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education" (intelligence character is the ultimate goal of true education).

Many things can be done to realize the character education in schools. The concept of character is not quite serve as a point in the syllabus and plan the implementation of learning in schools, but it should be more than that, run and practiced. Begin by learning to obey the school rules, and enforce it in the discipline. Schools should make character education as a value system that thrive in school embodied in examples and real appeal exhibited by teachers and school staff in the daily activities at school.

On the other hand, character education is an effort that must involve all stakeholders in education, whether the family, the school and the school environment and the wider community. Therefore, the first step you need to do is to rebuild education partnerships and networks that seem to be breaking down among the three stakeholders in the school nearest the teachers, families and communities. Establishment and character education is not going to work for an educational environment among stakeholders there is no continuity and harmony. Thus, households and families as the formation and character education first and foremost must be improved which is further supported by the environment and learning conditions in schools that reinforce the cycle of creation. In addition, not least the importance of education in society. Communities also greatly affect the character and disposition of a person. Public environment greatly affects the success of planting ethical values, aesthetic to the formation of character. According Qurais Shihab (1996; 321), social situation with the value system espoused, influence the attitudes and perspectives of society as a whole. If the system of values ​​and their view is limited to the present and here, the efforts and ambitions are limited to the same thing.

Want to achieve a quality character education? So the key is described above, there is a true gauge so that no evaluation and know what needs fixing, there are three essential components (teachers, families and communities) in order merelaisasikan character education actually takes place not only discourse without action. Remember, character education through school, not merely the learning of knowledge per se, but more than that, the cultivation of moral, ethical values, aesthetic, noble manners. And the most important is the practice after the information given and done with school discipline by each element.

Face of Education System in Indonesia

We as parents our children often include a variety of additional tutoring outside of school, such as tutoring math, English language tutoring, tutoring physics and others. I am sure that we do to support the child in order not to be left behind or who excel in school. In fact, sometimes these lessons early ideas did not come from the child, but come from us as parents. Is not that true?

Indeed, at this time we think it is not enough just to learn our children at school, so we include our children an assortment of tutoring. We want our children at math, we want our children proficient in English, we also want our children to good at physics and so forth. That way, children have better cognitive abilities.

This is nothing because, applied education in schools also demand to maximize the skills and abilities of cognition. With such an understanding, there are actually other things than children who are not less important that we unknowingly been neglected. What is it? Namely providing character education to students. I say this not mean that education is not important cognitive, not like that!

I mean, character education is important as a counterweight cognitive skills. Some of the fact that we often encounter with, a wealthy businessman is not exactly generous, the politician did not even care about the starving neighbor, or a teacher is not just concerned for the street children who do not get the opportunity to learn in school. It is evidence of the lack of balance between the cognitive and educational character education.

There's a word to the wise say, science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame. Also means that the same cognitive education without character education is blind. As a result, because the blind can not walk, even with a home run crashing. If running with a stick will still be slow. Rather, knowledge without character cognitive knowledge, it will be crippled so easily driven, exploited and controlled by someone else. For that reason, it is important not to ignore the character education of students. So what the heck it karaker education?

Thus, character education is education that emphasizes the formation of character values ​​in the students. I cite four basic traits of character education are formulated by an educational character of the German originator named FW Foerster. First, it emphasizes character education every action guided by the normative values. Students are to respect the existing norms and guided by norms. Second, the coherence or build self-confidence and courage, so students will be the establishment of a private firm and not easily swayed and not afraid to risk every time we face a new situation. Third, the autonomy, the students appreciate and practice the rules from the outside to be for personal values. That way, students are able to take independent decisions without being influenced by pressure from outside parties. Fourth, constancy and fidelity. Dependability is the durability of the students in realizing what is considered good. And loyalty marupakan basic respect for the commitment that is selected.

Character education is important for education in Indonesia. Character education will be basic or basic quality in forming the character of the nation, that does not ignore the social values ​​such as tolerance, solidarity, mutual cooperation, mutual trust and respect, and so on. Education will bear the personal character who not only have superior cognitive abilities but has a character that is able to achieve success.

Based on research at Harvard University in the United States, it turns out a person's success is not solely determined by the knowledge and technical skills and kognisinyan (hard skills), but rather by the ability to manage themselves and others (soft skills). This research suggests that success is determined only about 20 percent of the hard skills and the remaining 80 percent of the soft skills. And this skill soft skills are formed through the implementation of education karater on students.

Building on the four basic traits of character education in the above, we can apply the pattern of education given to the students. Misalanya, provide insight to discuss the good and bad, provide opportunities and opportunities to develop and explore their own potentials and provide appreciation potential, respect the decision and support children in making decisions for themselves, instilling in students the meaning keajekan and responsible and committed to his choice. In my opinion, the most important fact is not pilihannnya, but the ability to choose us and our responsibility for our choices, namely by way of commitment to choice.

Character education in the curriculum should be formulated, applied methods of education, and practice in learning. In addition, in the family and community level pattern should also be applied to the character. That way, future generations will be born Indonesia nan superior character of the education system.

Ways to Grow Spirit of Learning In Children

Well, this is a theme that often eagerly awaited by parents and often many parents complained. "Why does my child enjoy learning guns, maen wrote all day," complained one mother who attended diseminar me. The reader, you believe that our true human life is a learner? But we often leave an unpleasant treatment when children learn (unconsciously) even before we were probably given the wrong stimulation so that learning is not fun.

For example, when we are infants and children aged 1 year. He wanted to include all the stuff that he can hold in his mouth, right? Well most people do when it is said "uh ... it was gross, guns should not" pulling the goods. Actually this is the basic behavior when a child is learning. Then when he began to walk, started wanting to know more about the environment, the more restrictions issued by parents or caregivers. Perhaps because tired babysitting all day, so many restrictions issued. And this is their desire to know (learn) more, filling the database in his brain that is empty and needs to be filled.

As I began to speak, asking this and that. "It's what? Why? "Accepted answer" LHA had been asked, ask again the basic chatty "as possible when it is tired caregivers and parents while also keeping so lazy and tired to give an explanation and this is a learning process of a child. There's new stuff at home and the children want to hold it or to know more closely, we parents and guardians keep the goods from him, saying later damaged by expensive goods.

From the example above where this piece was a real experience and some of my clients, who make children lazy learning?

Next there was an 8 year old boy, just call Aji. Her parents complained that their children do not like to study and has received a warning from the teacher if there is no change in the attitude then most likely Aji grade. At first, I'm sure Aji is a child prodigy. For a moment I asked about her favorite hobby and while playing, I instantly knew this amazing kid. Because after I asked about his hobby apparently football and his love of the team is Arsenal (Premier League). And Aji, memorized entire Arsenal first team and reserves, following his assistant coaches and players as well as the number back, and the players birthday goal scorer and assists list (giving feedback) and point and order the league standings. Crazy, unbelievable! (In my heart) Guns wrong at the hardware (brain), but the problem is the same software.

One person of the same child, if his brain is not functioning at school to learn lessons (arithmetic, memorization) but memorized all Arsenal players. What a stupid kid? Surely you agree with me, the answer is no. This kid is unbelievable clever. It's just one treatment so that he is lazy and does not like to learn.

So what I did to change in order to be good and the software is so easy to make children learn? I fixed that parents first, because for the child's age Aji, if there is a problem in his life means parents will help to overcome the problem of the child. I was taught how to communicate with the child and the nature of the child's mind, and the importance of love menomor unite in educating children, all of whom will be very long if I explain here.

Next are tips on how to order, our children to be diligent and easy to learn and a school.

1. When home from school asking "O dear, what a fun day at school?" Automatic child's brain will find fun things in school and this will indirectly tell the child that school is a fun place.

2. When children sleep (Hypnosleep), saying "the more a day, learning more fun", "as well as playing, learning is also great fun," "easy for you to learn (math, memorization, etc.)".

3. Explain the benefits of the lessons being learned (according to the child's interests) eg by studying multiplication, then later during the holidays to the next grade or you'll be able to calculate how much things would you buy in Singapore and you can compare prices in Indonesia. If you dominate the conversation in English and you will be very easy to communicate with coaches soccer balls are from Thailand.

4. Ask the tutor lessons (if any), often say that our kids are great kids and outstanding. Sincere praise and pumping his spirit is far more important than the techniques taught math and memorization fast. Enlist the help of the people around, including teachers, to improve the self-esteem of our children.

5. When our children were little and still love to read fairy tales, fairy tales read to him assuming the position (a position comfortable, and easier for us parents to give kisses or hugs love love) the goal that children associate reading with love of parents and the book is a very pleasant thing.

6. Use a secret letter from parents to children, we can say, "Son, Mom has put a secret letter for you. Just you and your mom knows it. Mom put a pillow under your bed, read after eating yes ". Its contents may be words that encourage children in learning and school activities.

Best Way Understanding Children

Many parents and teachers who attend my seminars commented, "Okay, you give a technique to overcome the problem of children is very good. But, I'm not sure I can apply what you have taught "and then asked me" What is this? "," First I do not like kids, next how to communicate to them? '. Obviously this is a problem, but there are quiet ways to understand the child's behavior. But wait first because there are parts that you must understand first.

Many of the parents and teachers ask in their own minds:
  1. Why does my child does not care about his future?
  2. Why do they do things that make no sense (teachers and parents)
  3. Why they will not listen even though have been reminded many times?
  4. Why my son lets himself be influenced by negative things from friends that are not useful?

Well, the main question: how to understand their behavior and thinking?

The answer is their EMOTIONS. Emotions are masters of their logical thinking of children and adolescents. Teenagers and children are far more driven by their feelings rather than thoughts that are good for them. Knowing this, it is in vain we preach their day's efforts. Bombard their minds with positive advice, make ourselves motivator impromptu in front of them does not work. It makes children grow "annoyed" with our behavior. comments or advice such as: "You must study hard", "do not waste your time playing on", "keep cleanliness in your room", unless we first recognize their feelings.

Under conditions of negative emotions that a child can not receive input and advice decree even though that may change their behavior. Different result if we are able to understand and recognize their emotions first then they will be open and listen to suggestions from our logical. Children and teens will do anything if it makes them feel good or bad in taste or his heart.

Before going any further, we will learn together, how we react in the face of a problem child. Often if there is a problem then there dibenak our heads generally there are 3 ways:

1. Giving Advice, for example: "I had a fight with Agus, at school", our response is generally "what the fuck you this school is not the place to learn to be carpenters fight, only villains of the problem with fighting"

2. Interrogated, eg: "I lost Hp school" our response is generally "you sure it is not you alone who eliminate? Sure you do not forget, try to remember back "

3. Blaming and accusing, eg: "Edo was punished for not doing homework" our response is generally "lazy child basis, starting today you have to be more disciplined and pay attention to school duties".

After seeing the three examples above, there is no space even to acknowledge the child's feelings or emotions, right? Often we only provide input without going to hear what actually happened (more precisely the feeling of what happens to our children). When a child is neglected their emotions will be more angry and resentful. As long as they are in a negative emotional state, all counsels our good intentions will not be ignored, even going on "gubrak".

The best way to understand our children are, acknowledge their emotions (recognize emotions) and give them the strength to find their own solutions to problems. The trick is:

1. Listen to them 100%, flat face or eyes with a look of pity. (Pay attention and recognition)
Sometimes children need only be heard, not the solution. Just give 100% attention we can surprise, kids want to open and willing to share their thoughts and feelings. Just by saying "hmm .. okay, so yeah .. then .. "Although seemingly simple, honest is difficult for us parents who used to want to take the fast track aliases provide solutions and solve problems. As it is we do, children will be shut down and avoid talking to us. Children will only meyatakan honest thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged.

When we allow children to uncover emotions and thoughts freely (while we are there to provide emotional support), we will see that they can find their own solutions to their problems. Another advantage of this approach is that the child will develop the confidence to think for themselves and face the challenges - challenges of life.

For example: "I had a fight with Agus, at school", our response "what happened? Wound must hurt so yah .. oh, okay "

2. Recognizing and portray emotions.
It should be a moment for us to learn the meaning of emotion, because it is important for us to be able to reflect the child's emotions and understand exactly how they feel. With pin down their feelings, it is easy for them to open up and talk about their problems. These are emotions commonly experienced by humans.

Emotion and Meaning Name it:

Angry - Feel the injustice
Guilt - We feel unfair to others
Fear - We expected anticipation because sesuatum untoward could happen
Frustration - Doing something over and over and the results are not as expected means we have to find another way
Disappointed - What does not happen
Sad - Losing something that feels worthwhile
Loneliness - The need meaningful relationships not just friends
Pain is not able to - need to learn something because something can not be done well
Boredom - The need to grow up and get a new challenge
Stress - Something that is too painful and should be stopped
Depression - Something that is too painful and should be stopped

Let us begin with the case, if your child comes to you and says "Joni did not want to play ball with me" what's your answer? "Come play with papa / mama, maen each other, yes or yes it is .. maen alone ". The third answer is the classic answer is fleeting, and it is justified because it is often used. My question was what the emotion behind the words of the child? That's right! DISAPPOINTED, LONELY, well then what about the response? "Hmm .. boy you really want the same maen Joni yes "or" Hmm .. you're lonely, well, want to play it? "and wait for the response, usually the child will talk at length, then the solution should be left to the children, the way" then what can Papa / Mama help for you? Want to play together Papa / Mama? Or is there any other ideas? "Let your child choose the best solution for him. Memorize the above table and use it to communicate with the child, understand seiap case with children.

With co-understand emotions and let the child find a solution the problem itself then the child will feel understood and comfortable. As well as the growing sense of confidence in the environment that appreciates him. And the next one will be easy for the child to open up to parents, and mutual trust between parent and child will be well formed.

Until now, we have learned how to keep children open and believe in us, right? Next how to drive? The way that we have heard and understand the feelings and emotions of children, and ask the best solution according to the child (if the child is able to think for solutions) ask "may I Papa / Mama suggestions?" After permission from the child then give input that you feel is most effective. Sometimes a child's perspective is not the same as parents, we know if a child choose a solution that is less precise (according to parents) with the values, norms prevailing in the social environment we can "lead them" easily because steps 1 and 2 are done. Obviously with polite communication models and respect for children.

Violence gate will open hearts when we accept and understand our child, and children will be invited in and visit us in the deepest heart of hearts. Place that we can put messages, referrals and positive outcome for the good of the child's future.

I understand how this takes time, all the smart solutions to improve the quality of the family takes time. There is such thing as "waiting time" for a particular outcome. The cuisine is tasty and healthy takes time and the kitchen, not a few seconds so. So the quality of what we want for our families?